Seoul Lee Korean BBQ is bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of “mind blowing flavors.” By fusing flavors like Mexican and Korean, they have taste buds all over the city going wild. After sizing up the competition at Madison Square Eats, my friend Lauren and I decided to try some of this Korean BBQ and I can assure my eyes were right on the money. These tacos were so good that I had to go back for more a few days later!




From Sesame Chicken tacos to Crunchy Shrimp burritos to double fried chicken wings, Seoul Lee Korean BBQ knows how to please the crowd. This year they participated in Madison Square Eats, a semi-annual culinary pop-up market, and I think all of Manhattan is very happy they did. It is rumored that they are scouting out potential locations for a permanent shop to call home. Until then, they will continue to participate in NYC popup markets and a few catering events. Until November 24, 2013 you can find them at 32nd and Broadway at Greeley Square. Also, follow them on Facebook to see where they will be in the future.


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