Fat Witch Bakery is another awesome spot in the Chelsea Market. They make their brownies daily in small batches using a technique called “scratch baking.” The ingredients are all natural and things that you would find in your own kitchen, so you never have to worry about things you can’t pronounce being added to these delicious treats. Fat Witch says “We’re baking for people with good taste and that includes their taste buds,” and I agree!


There are a few things that you would have to love before you went into Fat Witch Bakery in order to fully enjoy everything this shop has to offer. These things consist of brownies, chocolate and sweet treats with character. If you are on board with this list then you are sure to have a semi-spooky yet life changing brownie experience. They have flavors like m&m Witch, Turtle Witch, Butterscotch Flip, Fat Witch, Milk Chocolate Witch, Walnut Witch and Caramel Witch.





Do you prefer to bake your own brownies? Luckily for you, Fat Witch thought ahead and they also sell their original brownie mixes so you can make them in your kitchen too! Also, winter will be here before you know it so stock up on their Hot Chocolate Mix and keep your insides warm.



Be sure to check out Fat Witch Bakery next time you are at the Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Ave. NY, NY 10011. They are open daily and brownies range from $3.50-$4.50 each. Not in the New York area? Not a problem. Order online and have the goodies shipped right to your house. For more information check out their website here and remember to tell them Hungry White Girl sent you! 014


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