Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to get to know your neighborhood a little better, wouldn’t you say? So, after screaming our faces off for the runners at the ING New York City Marathon, Alex and I took our friends Danyell and Jordan to a spot we’ve been meaning to check out for ages; Brooklyn Brewery. We walked into the large brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the place was packed. First you buy tokens, then use the tokens to get beer. One token costs $5. After purchasing our tokens and grabbing our beer we waited for the free tour to begin. Our tour guide was great and so knowledgeable. Check out all the cool stuff I learned!



Brooklyn Brewery Fun Facts:

-20th largest brewery in the US
-10th largest craft brewery in the US
-2nd best selling beer in Sweden
-their beer is sold in 25 states and 20 countries
-Brooklyn Lager makes us 60% of sales
-privately owned
-shareholders are family and friends
-Milton Glaser actually came up with the name Brooklyn Brewery



In 1996, after 11 years of contract brewing, Brooklyn Brewery finally got themselves a home. They chose Williamsburg because back in the day, the real estate was dirt cheap and lucky for them because today it’s at an all time high. Things may have started out a little rocky in this neighborhood, but now it is the place to be. Serving up Lager, Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Pennant Ale and many other seasonal specials is what Brooklyn Brewery does best. Check out the full line-up of beers here.


Brooklyn Brewery is located at 79 North 11th Street in Brooklyn, New York. They have “Small Batch” tours Monday- Thursday at 5pm for $8 and free tours every hour from 1pm-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the detailed tour schedule here. If you just care about drinking the beer, that’s cool too. They are open Friday-Sunday just for you. Go see the place today!


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