’Tis The Season 

The Holiday season is in full swing and we all know what the means- it’s time to take in some unnecessary calories! In addition to this being the season for overeating, it is also a time when we do everything possible to keep warm. So, in the spirit of freezing our butts off (and doing it fashionably so!), let’s treat ourselves to some of the best hot chocolate around at No Chewing Allowed!


No Chewing Allowed!

No Chewing Allowed! specializes in traditional French Truffles by carrying on this three quarters of a century old recipe. If, “Why can’t I chew my chocolate!?” is what you are thinking, the answer is if you’re chewing it, you’re missing it!

The hot chocolate at No Chewing Allowed! changed by life. Seriously. The chocolaty richness combined with the creamy texture is everything a hot chocolate should be. And the best part of all is the French Truffle they drop in the bottom of each cup. YUM!


Hot Chocolate! 

To get your hands on some on this amazing hot chocolate you’re going to have to move quick my friends. Check out the No Chewing Allowed! locations listed below:

-Bryant Park Holidays Shops until January 5, 2014
-The Holiday Market at Union Square until December 24, 2013
-The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle until December 24, 2013
-Ocean County Mall (NJ) until December 31, 2013

If you are not in the New York City area, you can purchase all of the goodies from No Chewing Allowed! on their website. Now, go get in line for some of the best hot chocolate of your life! You can thank me later.


 Pure Deliciousness. We love it!

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